Top 8 Merch Ideas for Rappers

Once you start making a name for yourself as a rapper, you’ll want to make and sell merchandise to your fans. If you buy merch in bulk, it can be a great way to make extra money that helps you improve your career and continue to produce music. Before you decide to create merchandise, you’ll want to read our article about making a perfect logo. After you choose a logo, it’s time to start exploring your options.

Luckily, the sky is the limit when it comes to producing products to sale. Using a website such as Vistaprint, you can order a ton of merchandise ranging from industry favorites to more obscure choices. We link the appropriate section of the site for every option below so you can check it out for yourself. Some of the merch we recommend making includes:

1. T-shirts. This is perhaps the most common option and an extremely effective one. People never get tired of purchasing shirts, and every time your fan wears a shirt you create, they are advertising your name to everyone they encounter.

2. Stickers. I personally love this option because stickers can be sold for cheap or even given out for free to fans at concerts. They can be placed practically anywhere, from laptops to phone cases and even water bottles.

3. Tote bags. Although not an immediate thought, tote bags can actually be a great way to advertise. Especially for fans who travel a lot, attend classes, or bring bags to work.

4. Business cards. You may not think a rapper NEEDS a business card, but you literally never know when it can be beneficial to hand out something small to ensure people remember your name. Personally, I’ve racked up sales just because I handed these out.

5. Hats. I don’t want to be stereotypical and say a lot of rappers wear hats… but sometimes, facts are facts. In this case, fans might enjoy wearing a hat with your logo on it as well.

6. Water bottles. This idea might also be a little obscure, but if you think about it, water bottles are something people carry around to a variety of places.

7. Bumper stickers. Have you ever been trapped at a red light and decided to start reading bumper sticks on the car in front of you? Odds are, this is an experience for everybody. Including people who drive behind your fans.

8. Face masks. In the age of Covid, people are required to wear face masks almost everywhere they go. Why not put your logo on them and make something good come out of the bad?

Pricing Suggestions:

For the merch items recommended above, this is what I suggest.

  • T-shirts: $20-25

  • Stickers: $5 maximum

  • Tote bags: $15-20

  • Business cards: Free

  • Hats: $15-20

  • Water bottles: $20

  • Bumper stickers: $5-10

  • Face masks: $10

These suggestions are only the beginning when it comes to the type of product you can sell. When you first begin, it might be best to just create T-shirts and stickers, but more of these items can be added on as you become more popular. Let us know what type of merchandise you decide to sell in the comments below!

*This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that I will get a small commission if you purchase from my link with no extra cost to you :)*


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