How to Create a Perfect Logo

One of the most important things about being a rapper is building a brand. I’ve discussed branding in a few other posts, including one about what you should wear on stage, but another super vital aspect of building yourself as a business is creating a logo. Once a perfect logo is created, it can be used on the front of albums, on T-shirts and other merchandise, and as a background while you’re on stage.

Logos can, of course, be changed over time, but it would be quite a pain if you had a ton of outdated merchandise laying around with your old logo on it. With that being said, deciding on a logo that truly represents you and one that you honestly like is important. When you’re an independent artist, you’re a business, so by creating a logo, you’re ensuring that you can be easily identified. Keep reading for some tips on how to create a perfect logo.

1. Don’t use small lettering or pictures. Your logo will likely be shrunk to fit on small merch items or for other reasons, and it’s important to make sure all the characters are legible even when reduced.

2. Pay attention to your font choice. As mentioned in the last point, you want your lettering to be legible, but you also want it to be representative of your style. In order to do this, you want to be totally aware of the personality you’re trying to portray. You shouldn’t pick a font just because it’s cool if it doesn’t make sense with the rest of your persona.

3. Decide how you want people to feel when they see your logo. Do you want to exude power, or fear, or something relaxing? Bright colors are great for projecting bold feelings while darker pallets are best for provoking darker emotions. You also don’t want to overwhelm viewers with colors, so make sure you only pick a few and that they don’t clash.

4. Choose your style. Decide if you want a text only logo, a logo with text and a symbol or picture, or one with monogram lettering. You could choose to spell out your name completely or just use your initials. If you decide you want to incorporate a picture, you could use one that plays on your name or just something you like and that looks nice with the lettering.

5. Enlist help from a professional. Unless you’re pretty great with design, you might want to find a professional that is. They will likely have the programs needed to ensure your logo not only looks stylish, but that it can be high quality and resized without becoming grainy or losing any of its features.

You also have the option to use online services to create the perfect logo. Vistaprint offers a service called 99designs that helps you produce high quality logos and branding packages. You can check out their options here.

Picking a logo that you’re absolutely in love with is key. This is likely something that will stick with you for a long time, perhaps the remainder of your career, and if you have any doubts about your design, keep trying until it’s superb. Good luck, and I hope this post was able to teach you how to create a perfect logo.

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