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Updated: Feb 13

If you’re a lover of exotic cars, it’s probably your dream to drive one. The feeling of driving a Lamborghini or Ferrari is surreal, especially if it’s something you may never be able to afford (like me, at least for now). The only thing that’s better than driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini for an exotic car lover is driving one in the country they were invented: Italy.

I’ve mentioned in a few posts now that I went to Italy for my honeymoon in January of 2019. My husband and I have a need for speed, so we started looking into the possibility of driving or renting a Lamborghini while we were there. Just to give you a little backstory: I’ve been in love with Lamborghini, both the car and the brand, since I was old enough to know what they are. My husband knew that if I could drive one, it would be a dream come true for me. So we did it.

In the small town of Maranello, Italy, there is a company called Pushstart Maranello. Maranello is known mainly for its association with the Ferrari brand, and many people visit this town to see the museum, which we did while we were there. Museo Ferrari details some of the company’s very first cars, a true sight to see for lovers of the brand. It isn’t just a museum for cars, however, it also has trophies and photographs from Ferrari’s racing team and memorabilia linking back to Enzo Ferrari himself, including his office.

You’re probably wondering where Lamborghini comes from, since I mentioned it earlier in the post. The Lamborghini comes from Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, and the museum is there as well. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to visit this museum, as it was on the opposite side of Modena, the town we were staying in for a couple of days. So, why wouldn’t I visit the Lamborghini Museum when I care so much for the brand? Because right beside of the Museo Ferrari sat Pushstart Maranello, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to drive my dream car, and I opted for that instead.

So, for the not-so-affordable price of 210 Euros (about 234 USD), I got behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Huracan for 15 minutes. The instructor took me through the town where Ferrari came from, and although I was in a Lamborghini, I felt the sports car magic all around me. At the time I visited, this was the only Lamborghini offered at the factory, and luckily for me, it could be converted from manual to automatic with ease (I guess I’m a true millennial).

The Lamborghini Huracan can go from 0-60 miles per hour in around 3 seconds, and it reaches a maximum speed of 200. My instructor was incredible- he told me when the road was about to open to a straightaway so I could floor it. I was afraid 15 minutes wouldn’t be long enough to feel the true power of a Lamborghini, but I had plenty of time to make the engine roar.

My husband drove the Ferrari 458 Speciale for the same price and length of time. Because these cars don’t have back seats, we couldn’t ride together on our test drives. This car has about the same stats as the Lamborghini I drove as well, hitting 60 miles per hour in the same amount of time and reaching speeds as high as 203.

Driving a Ferrari in Italy is a dream come true.

Some helpful tips to know before you go:

  • If you want a photo of you in the car, or a video of you driving the car, bring extra money to Pushstart. They don’t take these photos for free.

  • During the busy months (mainly in the summer), call Pushstart ahead of time to schedule your test drive. If not, they may not be able to fit you in their schedule while you’re in town.

  • For more information, check out Pushsart Maranello here.

Places to Stay:

Luxury: Maranello Palace is a 4-star hotel with a terrace to take in the beautiful view. It has an airport shuttle, so if you are leaving from or arriving in Maranello you can make it to the airport easily.

Mid-Range: Hotel Villa is another great option, but it only has 12 rooms, so you will want to book early to get this hotel. It is only a 5 minute walk from the museum and Pushstart.

Economy: Planet Hotel is interesting to say the least. It almost looks like a house, but it has 25 rooms.

The Take Away:

After reading this, you may wonder if I thought the 15 minute drive was worth the multiple hundreds we dropped at Pushstart Maranello. Of course, it was our honeymoon, so we spent more than we might have on a regular vacation, but my overall take away is that you should do it too. Life is short, and if this is something you’ve always dreamed about, save up money and make it happen. When you do, share your experience with me in the comments.

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